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Unlucky Morpheus – Cadaver / Revadac – My Track by Track Review

On May 6, Unlucky Morpheus will release a new album, so I have a little time to start my acquaintance with this band. I have known about this band for a long time. And they exist for 10 years. But I still could not listen band slowly and careful. This May will be a great time to do it.


An epic intro. Really epic. Despite the fact that the riff is quite typical for this genre it sounds perfect. The originality of the intro undoubtedly adds a solo guitar. A high level of guitarist is heard from the very first seconds. The two strongest and most distinctive features of this band are the solo guitar and really strong and unusual vocals. It does not matter if it’s a live performance or an album recording. Guitar and vocals always sound perfect. Of course, all the other musicians in the band have a very high level of playing. The drums absolutely do not lag behind the crazy rhythm of the guitar. Each note, every element in this song creates a certain atmosphere. A perfect combination of epic metal and neo classics. A really perfectly working mechanism. A beautiful verse and a beautiful chorus. High rhythm and good transitions. A fast solo guitar that uses the full potential of this instrument. One type of solo is replaced by another type.  A beautiful solo on the violin. This band has really a lot of different elements making it unique.
A lone vocal without instruments sounds as powerful as the entire song. I think this CD is ideal for getting to know the band. Fast, beautiful and absolutely understandable. Really incredible guitar, drums, vocals and all the other instruments. Real applause.


Choral singing always makes the song catchy, memorable and special. The second song begins with a chorus, male and female. By the way, this is another of the features of the band. There are both men and women here. All this also adds different facets to the music and to the band itself. Each of the fans can find for themselves a favorite member.
Again, epic vocals and epic music.I must say that vocalists sings really cool. Many sing in this genre like she, but only few can sing on her level and have such a strong voice. String riffs and a good tune. This song is also very good. The only thing I noticed when listening to the band is that the songs are overloaded with guitar solos. It’s good for instrumental tracks, but for songs it’s a bit heavy. I really love the guitar. And it sounds strange. But I would slightly reduce the amount of solo in this song.
Again a beautiful solo on the violin and a good transition to the choral singing after the solo, sounds really beautiful. Again beautiful drums. Unfortunately it’s a little hard for me to hear the bass in these songs. Here bass is most focused on the rhythm section and support of drums.
This band and this song is an excellent example of power metal and neo-classic.


Also on this single there is a recording from the live perfomance. I decided not to include it in the review, because I do not know the original yet. But I can say with confidence that the live band sounds as good as on the album. In fact, this single is the first full-fledged acquaintance with the band for me. And I can definitely say that I’m waiting for a new album.

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